Below you will find listed the winners and runners up for each event in the history of the Alfa Club Regularity Relay.  Congratulations to every team.

YearFormatWinner2nd place3rd place
201610 Hour RegularityAll BRANdsE30 Racing (BMWCC)Fly'n Miatas (MX5 Club)
201510 Hour RegularitySKI Racing (Porsche Club)Maschi di Alfa (AROCA)All BRANds (AHSDC)
20146 Hour RegularityTeam E30 (BMW club)Fly'n Miatas (MX5 club)ALL BRANds
20136 Hour RegularityFly'n Miatas (MX5 club)clubMINI Motorsport (Club Mini)Side Exhaust (AHSDC)
20126 Hour RegularityFly'n Miatas (MX5 club)Team E30 (BMW club)Roofless Racing (AHSDC)
20116 Hour RegularityTeam E30 (BMW club)Fly'n Miatas (MX5 club)Doncaster MINI Garage Motorsport (Club Mini)
20106 Hour RegularityPorsche SpecialistsPorsche4someTeam E30 (BMW club)
20096 Hour RegularityTeam True Story (TSOA)Team Healey (AHSDC)Team E30 (BMW club)
20086 Hour RegularityWeltmeister B (Porsche)Weltmeister A (Porsche)Team Healey (AHSDC)
20076 Hour RegularityMaschi Di Alfa (AROCA)Carrera Motor (MX5 club)Team E30 (BMW club)
20066 Hour RegularityLizard Lips RacingMaschi Di Alfa (AROCA)Team E30 (BMW club)