About the Event

The Alfa Club 12-hour Relay has been run since 2006 by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia. It is the “spiritual successor” of the old MSCA event and it is open to marque sports cars, street sedans and sports cars, but not open wheel cars.

The Alfa Club 12-Hour Relay is intended to be a friendly club level motor sport event where friends and family can participate in supporting competing teams. The event is by invitation, and the entire field is usually filled in a short time after entries are opened. It is aimed at grass roots motor sport participants and hence holders of AASA competition licences or an equivalent standard competition licences or above are eligible to enter.

The event is a team event, so the performance of cars, drivers and teams is important to win. It is a regularity event where consistency is rewarded rather than speed. As a Team Regularity Relay event, racing will not be tolerated and participants who demonstrate race-like behaviour on or off the circuit may be excluded from the event.